America's Founding Fathers and the Bible

ISBN: 9781986413077
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Contrary to the contemporary mantra that America was birthed as a secular nation, the historical evidence demonstrates that America was founded by Christians who wished to enjoy the liberty to freely express their Christian faith. Lamentably, Christians have forgotten and neglected the Christian heritage bequeathed to them by America's Founding Fathers and have allowed secularists to disparage and deny what was given to them at such a great price. America's Founding Fathers and the Bible briefly describes a portion of America's Christian heritage, particularly during the rise of nationalism when America was shaping its national government. During this era, the Founding Fathers affirmed both the principles and practices of the Bible. By no means exhaustive, this work demonstrates that America's Founding Fathers clearly intended to perpetuate the Christian faith, in both private and public observances. The Founding Fathers left a legacy of publicly honoring the principles of Christianity and fully intended that succeeding generations of Americans should do the same. Two Founding Fathers manipulated by secularists to advance the false argument of an irreligious American origin are Thomas Paine and Thomas Jefferson. In this second edition, their unorthodox opinions are considered and placed within the context of their contribution to America's Christian origin. Readers will learn why these Founding Fathers cannot be used as advocates of irreligion with regard to America's origin.

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